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As a Kauai family photographer, I am very passionate about capturing the deep connection and love that defines a family. My portrait sessions are a great investment to inspire the next generations to keep the family traditions and values alive. Kauai is one of the most beautiful places on the planet. Hence it makes great sense to capture the memories of this special family vacation. Furthermore it is wonderful and fun experience to dress up and have a photoshoot with your family. I create elegant images that have great personal value to my clients and these images let people look back in time with nostalgia and evoke emotions of happiness.

One of the most rewarding shots are of children. They are unpredictable. As a result their spontaneous innocence often makes for beautiful timeless shots. I use my intuition and artistic ability to make the sessions fun-filled for the entire family.


From the experience I have gathered as a Kauai Family Photographer, here are a few quick tips that answer frequently asked questions. Clients are encouraged to bring along any props or toys they want to include in the shoot. Children always seem to enjoy playing with bubbles or ukuleles. For clothing, I recommend you go with your own sense of style. Since people generally know what they look good in, I leave it up to them. Most colors are fine for me. Bright color clothes make the portraits look lively and edgy and have a certain pop to them. Elegant blues, greens & greys make the portraits more classic. Feel free to bring a change of clothes to add variety to the shoot. In rare cases the photo session gets rained out. Consequently I try and reschedule it within the next twenty-four hours if possible.

Time is an eternal truth and memories help us keep perspective. Get in touch to know more about my Kauai Family Photography.