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As a photographer I am always looking to master composition and I have a great sense of timing. I strive to capture the uniqueness of every subject along with their beauty. I find it satisfying and amazing to see the shyest people feel comfortable with me to reveal their personality in front of my lens.

I love doing honeymoon and engagement shoots as the couples are more relaxed and their personality really comes out. Both honeymoon & engagement photography on Kauai allow me to capture raw love in my original style, thus producing unique images that stand the test of time. Maternity photography is one of my favorites as I get to capture the ‘Glow’ and the tender emotions of the soon to be parents.

Fortunately, I have also had the opportunity to capture quite a few surprise wedding proposals on Kauai. It is such a thrill to be undercover and very satisfying when I get the perfect shot and capture the moment of when he/she said YES!

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