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Harneet Bajwa

As a photographer my aim is to combine right timing with composition and work unobserved. My non-intrusive photo journalism approach helps my clients to relax and be present in their moments of happiness rather than focus on posing for the camera. In my work I strive to capture the natural sense of style of my clients. My shooting style is versatile dependent on lighting, conditions, and the essence of my clients.

Kauai has been my home for many years now. Before picking up the camera I was a mechanical engineer and designed aircraft components in India. I became interested in photography and behavior of light after I took an advanced Optics course in college. I feel blessed to be able to live on Kauai and capture love through my lens. In my spare time I have published a science fiction novel, enjoy playing poker with da boys, or adventuring with my wife.

My wife, Veronika Bajwa, is owner and wedding planner at Ali’i Kauai Weddings, and together we own and operate Intimate Events Kauai! Come join us on our journey to deliver the highest quality experience of weddings on Kauai.

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