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Kauai proposal Photography

Harneet is amazing. He captured our surprise engagement on the beach at sunset. I contacted him about a month before the "surprise" and told him when and where I wanted to pop the question. I asked if he could just be down there on the beach and act like a photographer that was there taking pictures of sunsets or ocean waves, or whatever. Anyway, that was all the instruction I gave him.. I said I'd be there at a certain date and time and that was it. When the day came he shot me a quick text and said "I'm here" I replied "ok" and then proceeded to walk my soon to be fiancé down the path to the beach. As we walked onto the beach i saw Harneet taking photos but he looked completed unsuspect and I never even acknowledged his presence. My Girlfirend didn't even notice him either, which was exactly what I wanted. So into the proposal, I got down one knee asked my princess if she'd be mine forever, blah blah blah. She said yes, Harneet caught the whole thing. After she wiped away the tears and grabbed a hold of herself Harneet spent the next 30-45 mins taking awesome photos of us on the beach. He edited 16 photos within 24 hours and shot me a link where I could view/download them for our announcement. I couldn't be happier. His price is very reasonable considering the device he provides. He is easy to work with, he responds to text messages, payment can be made digitally with credit card, this guy is the man. Hire him!

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