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Forest Wedding

Posted on 
February 4, 2017

Wedding photography in a forest setting in Kauai.

High school sweethearts Monty and Morgan decided to get married on Kauai in the beautiful north shore forest. Closest friends and family joined them on this wonderful trip to the little tropical island in the Pacific Ocean. It could not have been a more gorgeous day. The light was perfect and I was the lucky guy photographing the happiest couple on the island. Here are a few photos to give you abetter sense.
Thanks to Ali’i Kauai Weddings for planning this flawless wedding.

Monty & Morgan-1
Monty & Morgan-3
Monty & Morgan-4
Monty & Morgan-5
Monty & Morgan-6
Monty & Morgan-7
Monty & Morgan-8
Monty & Morgan-9
Monty & Morgan-10
Monty & Morgan-11
Monty & Morgan-12
Monty & Morgan-13
Monty & Morgan-14
Monty & Morgan-15

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