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Honeymoon Photoshoot

Posted on 
February 21, 2016

The husband and wife share an intimate kiss as they play in the water for 'Trash-the-dress' photos

Honeymoon shoots are a great way to capture the love between two souls. The couples are usually relaxed and the chemistry between them flows smoothly. Last month I was contacted to do a Honeymoon shoot for the newlywed Cryssi and Robert. They got married a few weeks ago in California and were visiting Kauai. It was a beautiful evening in Hanalei that day and the young couple looked stunning in their wedding attire as you will see below. The mountains were clear and the lighting was perfect. The time went by fast as the couple were great at taking directions and I was getting some awesome shots. To top it all off, the couple made my day when they told me that they wanted to get into the water for some ‘Trash the dress’ shots. The shoot could not have gone any better. Here are some of the shots:

The newlywed couple coming out of the ocean after taking a dip in the water.
The husband and wife share an intimate kiss as they play in the water for 'Trash-the-dress' photos
The newlywed young couple kiss s they stand on the famous Hanalei pier of Kauai.
The beautiful bride sitting on the beach relaxing.
The husband picking up his new bride as she stares into his eyes and runs a hand through his hair.
The newlyweds striking classic portrait pose as they look directly at the camera
The young husband holds the hand of his bride as she spin dances.
The young husband and wife sharing a romantic moment during the honeymoon photoshoot.
A young newlywed couple posing for the camera by the beach with the mountains in the backdrop.

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