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Intimate Elopement

Posted on 
February 8, 2017

The groom embracing the bride as they share an intimate moment.

Kaeli & Greg tied the knot on a mesmerizing evening out at Ke’e beach. Just the two of them on the breathtaking coastline of this small Pacific island. Their officiant, wonderful Kahu Chuck, performed a heart warming ceremony to marry the beautiful couple. The weather was perfect, mostly sunny, with little drizzle to bring out a double rainbow and enough clouds to light up the sky at sunset. The ocean was as calm as I have ever seen in the winter and Kaeli & Greg had no hesitation stepping into the water. One of the most stunning sunsets I have seen in a while and the photos came out great. There is not much more a Kauai wedding photographer can hope for. A perfect evening!

Much Mahalo to Jessica & Maxine @ Ali`i Kauai Weddings on organizing this beautiful Kauai beach wedding/elopement.

The beautiful bride about to walk down the beach to the waiting groom and officiant.
A candid shot of the bride and groom sharing an intimate moment between posing for shots.
The lucky bride and groom pose in front of a rainbow that appeared just after they got married.
The bride and groom pose beautifully in front of the lush greens that are typical to the tropical Kauai.
The bride is picked up by the groom and she is rewarding him with a kiss on the forehead.
The young couple lock eyes and share alight moment instead of posing for the camera
The bride and groom share an intimate embrace as the sky in the background is lit different shades of orange by the setting sun.
The newly married couple walking into the calm ocean as part of the 'trash the dress' shoot.
The bride and groom lock eyes as they take in the first few moments after getting married.
The bride and groom star a kiss as the sun sets over the water in the distance behind them.
With the gorgeous sunset in the backdrop, the new married couple embrace and look into each others eyes.
The bride and groom kissing for the first time as husband and wife.
A close up of the bride's fabulous see through dress that shows her beautiful tattoo on her back.
The groom embracing the bride as they share an intimate moment.

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