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Kauai Elopement

Posted on 
February 24, 2017

Couple photographed during kiss in the sunset in Kauai.

I was honored to shoot Kerri & Lane’s destination wedding right here on Kauai. It was an intimate elopement planned by the wonderful team at the Westin Princeville. As with any outdoor wedding, weather could have gone either way. The forecast didn’t look good but we were lucky to get a rain free evening. On top of that, it was one of the most picturesque sunsets this year. The colors in the sky were spectacular and we kept shooting till the last possible light and beyond. Here are a few shots from this epic Kauai wedding:

Kerri & Lane-1
Kerri & Lane-2
Kerri & Lane-3
Kerri & Lane-4
Kerri & Lane-5
Kerri & Lane-6
Kerri & Lane-7
Kerri & Lane-8
Kerri & Lane-9
Kerri & Lane-11
Kerri & Lane-12
Kerri & Lane-13
Kerri & Lane-14
Kerri & Lane-15
Kerri & Lane-16
Kerri & Lane-17
Kerri & Lane-18
Kerri & Lane-19
Kerri & Lane-20
Kerri & Lane-21
Kerri & Lane-22
Kerri & Lane-23
Kerri & Lane-24

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