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Perfect Kauai wedding

Posted on 
February 25, 2017

Couple photographed on beach during sunset in Kauai.

I was fortunate to document the special moments for Alexa and Renny. They got married yesterday at sunset at the beautiful Ke’e beach. This beautiful young couple traveled all the way from Miami to tie the knot on this tiny island in the Pacific. Here are a few photos from the wedding:

Alexa & Renny Blog-1
Alexa & Renny Blog-2
Alexa & Renny Blog-3
Alexa & Renny Blog-4
Alexa & Renny Blog-5
Alexa & Renny Blog-7
Alexa & Renny Blog-9
Alexa & Renny Blog-10
Alexa & Renny Blog-11
Alexa & Renny Blog-12
Alexa & Renny Blog-13
Alexa & Renny Blog-14
Alexa & Renny Blog-15

Coordination by: Married with Aloha

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