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Tunnels Beach Kaua'i Wedding

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September 6, 2023
Tunnels Beach Kauai Wedding

Couple  - Gus & Dalene

Wedding date - 6/18/23

Ceremony & Portraits - Tunnels Beach

"My wife was visiting her family for the summer and I was staying with my cousin for that summer.  I was 15 and she was 13 and we were both staying in the same city and went to a local amusement park, our cuisins met there and went on a few dates.  We both reluctantly (because we hadn't met each other) agreed to accompany our respective cousins so they wouldn't hang out alone.  When I saw her I thought she was gorgeous so you can imagine I was very happy with my decision to accompany my cousin!  We hung out a few times that summer and stayed in touch through email and IM.  We continued to talk throughout the years, she was always a welcome relief to talk to and even though our lives continued separately and we didn't talk daily, we were always friends through our teenage years.  On one of her many visits to my home state we grew closer together, by this time she was already in university back home.  When she went back home I flew out to see her and we continued on this way for years until we couldn't live so far apart any longer.  We persevered and went through good and bad times but from the moment we met as kids and the time we got married, 16 years passed.  We started off as kids who were long distance friends for years which eventually turned into a long distance relationship which led to getting married in Hawaii and living together!

That's a recap of our story but it's hard to shorten it since we have such a long history.

Thank You!"

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